Gold was by far one of the worst trades of 2013

Gold’s long slide downward in value this year has been an interesting showbtobwatch unfold. Quartz covered this issue today and addressed some of the reason for the slumping prices.

Back in April there was wide spread speculation of Gold being in bubble territory, and that the bubble had popped. It doesn’t seem to have been catastrophic to the market, but perhaps to unwise individual investors who have taken more than a 30% drop since 2011.

I’m sure you’ve met the gold bugs, or political proponents warning of coming rapid inflation when real inflation for the past year has been under 2% – very low. The question is, how did they come of the belief, or buy into the lie, that unlike every other commodity on earth, somehow gold was immune to losing value?

If it sounds too good to be true, it probably isn’t.

Here’s three examples of Gold bubble coverage in April: