Game Theory

Have you ever seen “A Beautiful Mind”? The film’s protagonist John Nash, was in real life the founder of modern game theory. Here’s a little more detail about it…


Recently I took a course in Coursera on Game Theory. It was an exciting 9 weeks of learning. In this post I will give a brief details of what game theory is and its applications. Also links to resources to explore further about game theory.

According to wikipedia definition “Game Theory is  is the study of mathematical models of conflict and cooperation between intelligent rational decision-makers” . Game Theory application areas includes economics, finance, political science, philosophy, online algorithms, biology etc. John Nash won the Nobel Prize in economics for his foundational contributions to game theory and the movie “A Beautiful Mind” is based on John Nash’s work.

For example a scene in the tv show Numb3rs uses principles of Prisoner’s dilemma or in a game show Golden Balls – £100,000 Split Or Steal.

Apart from Coursera there are other lectures which one can refer to explore on game theory…

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