An ode to a crowded planet and the sharing economy in 2013


Three years ago the world reached a societal turning point: more than half of the planet’s population were living in cities. That shift will continue to the point where six out of 10 people will be living in cities by 2030, and seven out of 10 will be living in cities by 2050. What this means is that life for the majority of the world will be marked by smaller urban spaces and increasingly shared and limited resources. As this decades-long population shift and resource crunch occurs, 2013 could stand out as the year that the web sharing economy became oh-so-very mainstream.

Most of us have heard of collaborative consumption, and the web sharing economy. Companies have emerged in recent years — like alternative home renting company Airbnb and on demand driver company Lyft — to create platforms for peer-to-peer services around physical goods and places. A variety of…

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