7 Steps for Putting Ideas Into Action

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Brainstorming is only a first step to innovation. What matters more are execution and implementation.

All of the above may seem obvious. Yet many companies struggle with it, say the authors of a new article from MIT Sloan Management Review. While brainstorming sessions “are frequently fun for participants, the output is too often considered impractical just days after the exercise.”

A 7-Step Idea Generation Gameplan

As a remedy, the authors–consultants at Innosight, a global strategy and innovation consultancy based in Lexington, Mass.–offer a seven-step gameplan. Its purpose is to help you not only improve your brainstorming, but also to help you put your ideas into action.

1. Define the problem and solution space. The aim here is create boundaries in the idea-generation process. What customer problem are you trying to solve? “Constraining the problem and solution space forces idea generators to delve into an area,” note the authors. “The result is typically a…

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