What Is Financial Literacy?

Charles Ezeh


I was going through Robert Kiyosaki’s write-ups and stumbled into this great piece and I felt the urge to share it.

A friend of mine’s son started kindergarten last year. The young boy excelled at math and art, but he struggled with reading.

For him, reading was a chore. It was hard work with little payoff. My friend had to be diligent in making sure his son read each and every night. Because given the chance, his son would have been off playing instead.

The problem wasn’t that the boy didn’t like reading. He loved to have his dad read for him all the time. The problem was that learning to read was hard and it was easier to let others do it for him. Over this summer, however, it finally clicked. Now my friend’s son won’t stop reading. He keeps asking to go to the library. He spends hours…

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