Daily chart: 2013 in charts

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A creeping ascent The year in nine charts THE world economy continued to recover from the financial crisis in 2013, albeit wanly. This year’s…

Tides of Change in Millenial Politics

USA Today ran this piece recently on December 15th: Forty-five percent of 18- to 29-year-old Americans say they approve of the way Obama is handling his job; 46% disapprove of his job performance,… Continue reading

Game Theory

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Recently I took a course in Coursera on Game Theory. It was an exciting 9 weeks of learning. In this post I will give a brief details…

Gold Set for First Annual Loss in 13 Years and Biggest Loss Since 1981

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  Source: WSJ

Young Voters Betrayed by Obama Policies

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Barack Obama, in large part, owes his presidency to young voters.  In two presidential elections he has garnered 66 percent and 67 percent of their vote…

The Most Pro-Capitalism Place to Live in North America Is…

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Back in February, I said Australia probably was the country most likely to survive and prosper as much of the world suffered fiscal collapse and social chaos. In…

Rent or Buy, Housing Market Ahead

For the last 3 years, buying a home has beat renting. As recently as September 20th, 2013, Forbes Staff writer Morgan Brennan had this to say about trends at the time: “Despite rising… Continue reading

Gold was by far one of the worst trades of 2013

Gold’s long slide downward in value this year has been an interesting showbtobwatch unfold. Quartz covered this issue today and addressed some of the reason for the slumping prices. Back in April there… Continue reading

Why JPMorgan Is JPMorgan

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By James Kwak Which is to say, a basket case. Along with Citigroup, and Bank of America. We all know that JPMorgan Chase is too big to…

The Representatives’ New Clothes

Edmund Burke originally posited two forms of representation in the mid to late 1700’s. These forms have come to be the predominating theories for modern political practice, that of the Trustee and the Delegate. Later,… Continue reading